1st Annual Meeting – 17 March 2016

The first annual meeting of the project was held on 17th March 2016 at the Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels. This meeting was the occasion for partners to share information on the past year’s activities and to prepare the organisation of the coming year.



1st ICA – INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on ARCHAEOMETALLURGY @ Brussels Museum – 3-4 October 2015

Non-ferrous Metals Metallurgy and Experimental Archaeology

Program : Program ICA October 2015
Abstracts : Abstracts 2015
Poster : Poster ICA October 2015

Organized by the BRAIN-be Project Egyptian and African Copper Metallurgy (EACOM), the Royal Museums of Art and History, the contact group of the FNRS Arts et Techniques métallurgiques pré-industriels. Étude et conservation and the CReA-Patrimoine – Université libre de Bruxelles.

Some pictures from the symposium:

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For the past twenty years, archaeometallurgy has developed substantially, as has the archaeometry of archaeological metals. Experimentation appears more and more to be an appropriate way of generating new methodologies or interpretations of the  archaeological structures and data related to ancient metallurgy techniques. It can be construed as an effective mean for testing or validating the artefacts and the technical devices. The conference aimed at taking stock of the inputs and limits of experimentation in these fields. The first day was devoted to pharaonic Egypt and the major steps in antique metallurgy, from extraction to final production. Through multidisciplinary speeches on case studies about European an African archaeology, and through workshop sessions, the second day was more specifically dedicated to the epistemology of experimental archaeology. To better discuss the methodology, actors from three disciplines (archaeology, analyses and ethnography) presented their research in experimental archaeology. The impact of experimentation on current archaeology was explored as well as its usefulness to patrimonial safeguarding and the recording of archaeological data for future generations. 

Contact address : g.verly@mrah.be



September 2015 – Experimental Week-ends @ Aubechies – Experience copper casting….

19-20 September 2015 – 26-27 September 2015

September will be exclusively dedicated in dewaxing-cooking of moulds and then to the casting of Osiris with a titled bronze. The problem will be the understanding of ceramics and addings, temperature of dewaxing and casting and finally the re-use of the feet of Osiris for the second casting.


Archéosite et Musée d’Aubechies – Beloeil / Rue de l’Abbaye, 1y – 7972 Aubechies (BELGIQUE)

You could via the doodle http://doodle.com/munw335p4fx4vh5r tell me when you will come and how much you will be (a registration per person), I thank you for it.
This experimented are accessible to the students, to the researchers and to the enthusiasts. Do not hesitate to come accompanied.

In the pleasure to see together and to collaborate,
Georges Verly
0485 637 102



Deze dag wordt gewijd aan de voorbereiding van de aarden en wassen gietvormen, aan het gieten van koperen beitels en aan de fusie van koper in een Midden Rijk oven. Dankzij de experimenten van 2014 en 2015 gaan we de fusie-oven herbruiken om een grote hoeveelheid koperen beitels te maken. Ze zullen worden gehamerd-gebeiteld en vervolgens worden gebruikt om stukken uit hout te snijden. Ze zullen eveneens aangewend worden om koper te versnijden en steen te houwen. Wat betreft de gietvormen van de Osiris beeldjes, deze zullen voorbereid en opgesteld worden volgens de richtlijnen van de universiteit van Bonn (Egyptologie met het Egyptisch Museum van Bonn).


Tijdens de maand september leggen we ons uitsluitend toe op het ontwassen-bakken van de gietvormen en vervolgens op het gieten van de Osiris beeldjes in brons. De vraagstelling betreft het begrijpen van de gebruikte aarde en magering, de temperatuur voor het ontwassen en het gieten en ten slotte het herbruiken van de voetstukken van de Osirissen voor een tweede gietsel.


Archéosite en Musée d’Aubechies – Beloeil / Rue de l’Abbaye, 1y – 7972
Aubechies (BELGIË)


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